Recovering passwords is a high-performance computing problem

It requires trillions of cryptographic computations. Many recovery attempts fail because insufficient computing resources cannot find the password in a reasonable timeframe. 

Why us?

The company behind the wallet recovery service, Xelera Technologies, focuses in particular on hardware accelerator technology for data centers. Our staff have worked in the field of high-performance computing for many years. We operate large clusters of modern datacenter-grade hardware accelerators, such as FPGAs. Recupia's search algorithm combines brute force methods with dictionary searches in order to find the wallet password. The performance-critical parts of the algorithm are fully implemented on the FPGA clusters. This significantly reduces the time required for password recovery.
The use of energy-efficient FPGA technology also aims to reduce the power required for wallet recovery: Recupia requires only a quarter of the energy of a comparable GPU system at the same computing speed. The efficient compute resources allow us to search larger password spaces than with conventional computers. They therefore deliver higher success rates.

Energy Efficiency

The hardware accelerators in use are more energy-efficient than standard computers so that we can run large clusters over long time periods efficiently.


Because everything in the high-performance clusters remains software-programmable, the technology can cover almost every wallet type.


We operate our computing resources on our premises. Alternatively, we can also scale out on the cloud in particularly difficult cases.