Did you forget your wallet password? We can help.

Owners of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies need access to their volatile assets. If you can no longer access your crypto wallet due to a lost password, we can help you. Recovering passwords is a high-performance computing problem. Many recovery attempts fail due to insufficient computer capacity. To address this issue, we use modern datacenter-grade hardware accelerators and a proprietary software stack to ensure high success rates. After the recovery, we return the password to you. We charge a fee for this service.
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For the recovery we will ask you for information about your wallet and your password during the different steps. Usually, a wallet recovery is not possible without the cooperation of the wallet owner. During the process, we work closely with you and you are informed about every step. To ensure your security, the process is usually supervised by a legal counsel.

Located in Germany

Xelera is registered in Germany. The wallet recovery is governed by a contractual agreement between you and us.


We are excited that Advanced Blockchain AG assists us on the wallet recovery service (read the  announcement).

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We have already performed password recoveries with other customers. Evaluate the service on Trustpilot.

“Advanced Blockchain is pleased to announce that it is assisting in the research phase of Xelera's new project: recovery of lost passwords for cryptocurrency wallets.”

Avanced Blockchain AG

“A wonderful service for all the people who are desperately looking for their missing wallet passwords. The service from the Xelera Team is easy, fast, and reliable. Communication is working perfectly because there is always somebody who is responsible for your case.”

Michael Geike, Advanced Blockchain AG
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